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Can we bring revival? : Response to David Sliker


David Sliker is a leader at the International House of Prayer and in 2020, he released a book...
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Prophetic Community by Kim Maas (Book Review)

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One of the circles I have moved in the past is Global Awakening with Randy Clark. The message of healing and deliverance that is connected...
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10 Megachurches that did not compromise Pentecost (mostly)

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Pentecostals are known for megachurches. Of the top 10 largest churches in America, 7 of them are Pentecostal (or Charismatic). This is not...
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Is Acts 2:38 that important to Pentecostals?


People talk about Acts 2:38 a lot in Pentecostal circles. The question becomes how important is it...
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What is a Pentecostal?


What is a Pentecostal? This is a question that I was asked just recently. Is it part of being a denomination such as the United Pentecostal...
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7 reasons that the Church will see the Rapture


There is a lot of talk about the end times and much of it is around the timing of the rapture. Some hold that we will go through the...
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Holy Spirit in the Pentateuch


From the first page of the scriptures, the Holy Spirit’s presence is known. In fact, it is in...
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Valuing Scriptures as Pentecostals


As Pentecostals, we all place very high regard for the scripture. In fact, most differences between...
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